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The Collectible

I was delivered this item by a strange man. He looked very similar to what's inside the box. His eyes looked broken and lost, and he was holding what looked like a rabbit head. He stared for a while, and then he smiled and whispered, "Join Us..." dropping the box, he then walked away into the darkness. I never saw him again. What does "Join Us" mean? It almost feels as if it's watching me, but that's not possible... right? I feel like something, or someone, is attached to this item. Are there more of these strange figures around? At 4.6 inches tall, Dawko wears a purple vest complete with prints of stars all over. Set on dark backdrops, while a bloody tear leaks out of one of his eyes. Holding a bloody knife in one hand, and an anthropomorphic head in the other. He wears detailed gloves, black pants and shoes.

About Dawko

Lewis K. Dawkins, also known as Dawko is an English gaming content creator known for his Five Nights at Freddy's gameplay videos, theories, songs and more. He has grown to millions of views and thousands of videos uploaded since starting his channel in 2014.

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