Daz Black
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Tea Party

The Collectible

Welcome to my tea party!

Daz Black parties his way into his Youtooz debut! Sitting at 4.4” atop a brown chair with one leg crossed over the other, he fancily sips tea from a white and pink teacup. His right pinkie extends outward elegantly, displaying the most proper tea drinking etiquette, while the saucer rests in his left hand. He wears a pink cuffed beanie with ‘Tea Party’ printed across the front, as well as a tight black T-shirt and grey pants. His black and white sneakers tie the outfit together with a pop of colour from their pink laces. The exterior of his packaging displays the inside of his room. Showcasing his PC setup, favourite posters and a mannequin wearing a pink hoodie. The interior shows the ‘Tea Party’ logo across a dark blue and maroon background. While the protective sleeve dunks him right in the middle of a hot steamy cup of tea. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Daz Black

Darren “Daz’ Black is an English Youtuber known for his gaming, reaction and sketch videos. After debuting his comedic genius on Vine, he transitioned to YouTube and continues to delight his fans across his two channels Daz Black and Daz Games.

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