Dead Meat Chainsaw Plush
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The Collectible

This is a bonus item that ships with the purchase of both Dead Meat figures James A. Janisse and Cheslea Rebecca! This cute 6 inch long plush chainsaw features soft, quality materials. An orange chainsaw with the Dead Meat logo embroidered on one side, and Youtooz eyes on the other. The multi tone gery saw portion of the plush includes deep red blood splatter. Perfect to add to your keychain or as a tiny piece of horror around the house, the Dead Meat Chainsaw Plush is one of Youtooz’s bloodiest bonus items.

About Dead Meat

Dead Meat is one of the most popular horror oriented channels on Youtube. As well as making videos, James and Chelsea host the Dead Meat Podcast, home to many as their horror safe haven. They go through reviews, film history and all things that make your skin crawl.

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