Dead Meme
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The Collectible

This Little Red Boi (ウガンダナックルズ) was a fictional 3D character model that took over early virtual reality worlds. His ability to immediately transform VR lobbies from boring to top-tier is regarded as legendary by those present during the peak of his journey through the internet.

The craftsmanship of this collectible is detailed, smooth, and precise. It is manufactured out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl material. The figure comes in a custom made double-walled window box, made of sturdy, matted material. This Dead Meme is durable and weighty. It can balance on its own and has a polished feel to the touch. Honestly, it's just plain cute.

About Dead Meme

His origin can be traced to a video uploaded by Youtuber Gregzilla on February 20th, 2017. Upon viewing the video, a young artist known only by alias tidiestflyer created a 3D model based off Gregzilla's original depiction. Thus began his meteoric rise to international notoriety, making this one of the fastest growing memes of its generation.

By December 2017, it had become a VR phenomenon. Swarms of players using the avatar took over random lobbies, terrorizing innocent users by congregating in groups to ask if anyone "knows the way" or where they could find their elusive "Queen". When angered or concerned for the safety of the Queen, they have been known to exhibit a defensive reflex of spitting in the direction of potential aggressors.

The memes favorite film is Who Killed Captain Alex? by director Nabwana Isaac Geoffrey Godfrey. Shot entirely in Uganda, the film is rumored to have been produced using a record budget of only $200.00.

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