Dead Squirrel
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The Collectible

The smartest squirrel in the world. Hide yo kids, hide yo minecraft wife! Nothing is safe from his grasps. Standing 4.6 inches tall, fists ready, Dead Squirrel is dangerous. This beautiful collectible exposes half of the inner brain of Dead Squirrel, with individual details of the membrane sculpted in. His hands and feet are red, as well as the color detailed around his ear and face. His white squirrel teeth are modeled on the front of the jaw, while his only article of clothing is a blue bandana draped over his shoulders. The window box is illustrated to show Dead Squirrel inside a gaming environment, holding a sword. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Dead Squirrel

Dead Squirrel is a gaming Youtube creator living in the United States of America. He plays a variety of games and is known for his good aim and funny content recorded with his friends.

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