Distractible Markiplier
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Good evening gentle listeners! Markiplier makes a long awaited return! Standing tall at 4.8 inches with his muscular arms crossed stoically across his black shirt. His messy hair coming down and across his sunglasses. A slick smirk clearly shows no care for the explosion that has happened behind him. Nor the shrapnel embedded in his left leg and foot. A smoking black and grey tire from the explosion flies past, narrowly missing him. The exterior of his double-walled packaging shows him driving away from an explosion in a pickup truck while a UFO destroys the scenery. The interior displays a skid marked road dissecting the box with the text ‘Distractible’. The protective sleeve continues his escape from the explosion with Wade and Bob, while a helicopter, plane and hot air balloon are in pursuit. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping. All three Distractible figures can be displayed together to showcase the hosts in the aftermath of a fiery explosion..

About Distractible

The Distractible podcast is hosted by Mark Fischbach, Wade Barnes and Bob Muyskens. A space for thoughtful, weird and wonderful discussions. Sprinkled in with a hefty dose of distraction.

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