Doot Doot
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Le Doot Generation

The Collectible

*Doot Doot* Spookyboi! My bones are high in calcium. At 2.6 inches tall, this classic meme has been turned into collectible form. The figure contains multiple pieces, one of a skull head head, trumpet and hand. The doot doot words are sculpted in Comic Sans font, true to the meme. The skull contains sculpts of creepy cracks, teeth and hollowed out eyes. The packaging is illustrated using black and gold colors, using dark spooky colors of the skeleton and gold of the trumpet. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Doot Doot Skull Trumpet

The Doot Doot Skull Trumpet is an animated sprite of a skeleton's head and hand playing a trumpet. Rumored to be created using Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker, this video was first spotted on the internet in 2011. Since then it has haunted the internet, refursacing every Halloween season.

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