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Oh George/The End

The Collectible

Ohhhh Geooorge! Dream's Youtooz captures a dynamic moment that sees him falling through the end. This collectible was inspired by Reddit user ziiyuh's artwork based on one of Dream's most popular videos. Created in collaboration with Dream, the figure is 3.6 inches tall. In it, he wears his usual XXL, oversized green hoodie, black pants, sneakers and mask. Captured in mid-air, Dream's hair and drawstrings flow in the wind, while gravity pushes on each piece of clothing creating a frozen in time effect.. His mouth is open, as he yells during the plunge into water, which splashes around as his body pierces its surface. The packaging uses a combination of purple and white, designed by Youtooz to capture Dream's surroundings during his fall. The collectible ships in a matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Dream

Youtooz statistics say that only a small percentage of people that watch Dream's videos will have his Youtooz. So if you end up liking this Youtooz, consider collecting it! Dreamwastaken is a gaming creator who exploded in popularity in the year 2020 with hundreds of millions of views.

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