Drumsy Plush Bag (1ft)
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The Plush

Oooooo what is this? A Drumsy Plush Bag??? Well, don't mind if I do.

Standing at 12 inches, this unique plush features a soft, see-through bag that comes with 5 more mini plushies inside! The bag is decorated with "DRUMSY & CO" written in an elegant cursive font along with black suspenders and a bright red bowtie with a microphone popping out on top of the clear window. Through the window, you can see the assortment of small circular plushies that consists of Drumsy, Illy, Emi, Moxi, and Peach!

About Drumsy

Drumsy is a content creator known for his gaming videos and VRChat content. He creates videos that are framed as documentaries. Well known for his hard-hitting exposes and aggressive reporter persona, Drumsy has grown to an audience in the millions.

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