Early Bird
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Palm Flight

The Collectible

Let's catch some worms! Average at video games. Great at having fun! It's snowrod time. Early Bird proudly stands 4.5 inches tall, chest out with both fists on his hips. He wears a loose blue hoodie and blue sweatpants, with a detail tank top containing prints of Moo Snuckel’s branding. His eyebrows, beak and feathers are carefully sculpted to capture this internet superhero. His window box is illustrated to show a bustling city during the day, while the interior design reflects an eerie, foggy night. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Moo Snuckel

Moo is a content creator on Youtube known for his puns, laugh and comedic personality. Since starting his channel almost a decade ago, he has grown to millions of fans who fell in love with his unique videos.

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