Cowboy Bebop
Ein Sit Plush (9in)
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Data Dog

Due to licensing restrictions the Cowboy Bebop collection only ships to addresses in United States and Canada at this time.

The Plush

He can pick up the phone, drive a car, and hack into top secret computer systems using only the power of his mind. So you could say he’s a pretty smart corgi. Ein sits up, straight and proud at 9 inches tall. He wears a smile on his face and his white birthmark decorates his nose. A red collar with a gold dog tag hangs around his neck. His chest has been embroidered with long, silky fur. His back paw pads have been stitched with brown hearts. This plush is stuffed full of ultra-soft 100% PP cotton and ships in a custom one-of-a-kind box to protect them from the elements on their journey to you.

About Cowboy Bebop

Considered a masterpiece and frequently cited as perhaps one of the greatest anime’s of all time, Cowboy Bebop follows the lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling across the galaxy in their spaceship named Bebop. Inspired by science fiction, the anime takes inspiration from western and noir films, exploring the difficulties of trying to escape one’s past and loneliness while being packed with scenes of action, beautiful jazz music and plot twists.

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