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Downward Spiral
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The Collectible

This is day 1,069 of the never-ending Emperorlemon downward spiral world tour. We here at Emp industries are proud to announce our partnership with Youtooz collectible figurines. This revolutionary deal with facilitate our continued efforts to spread the power of the spiral across the globe. We thank you for your support towards making the world a greener place. When everyone’s on a downward spiral, no one will be… Standing 4.3 inches tall, Emplemon wears a tailored blue suit, with a blue tie and black sneakers that have white laces. He holds a microphone in one hand, that has prints of the downward spiral. His other hand makes a fist as he speaks loudly. His teeth, tongue and jaw are sculpted open. His smooth red head completes the figure. The double walled window box is designed after a green and purple downward spiral. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Emplemon

I think Lemon has been on a downward spiral mentally and now he’s lost it completely. Aaron Lemos, better known online as EmpLemon is an American Youtube commentator and content creator known for his unique editing and storytelling abilities.