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Jogging Flamingo
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The Collectible

That’s class. All I do is drop mixtapes out the bum. Choke on rice. Slip in the shower. Ethan sprints his way into this collaboration with Youtooz, wearing a bright pink flamingo bodysuit. Standing 4.8 inches tall, he is sculpted in a sprinting stance, wearing white sneakers and pink clothing underneath his flamingo suit. The flamingo contains sculpted Youtooz eyes, and a floppy beak, while Ethan has a serious expression, with a sculpted beard. His double walled window box uses pink coloring to match the figure, along with the word finish printed in bold white letters on the back. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Behzinga

What is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to today, Ethan Payne also known as Behzinga is a creator born in London, England. Ethan is best known for his fitness, gaming and lifestyle videos. He's known for having a great sense of humor, rarely taking offense to any jokes thrown his way.