Farmer Flamingo
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The Collectible

Howdy…. uh.. where's Cleetus? He's… on vacation. He's on a very, veeeeerryyyy, long vacation…. yeah. Hey there… uh.. Buster? The second release of Flamingo's limited edition collectible figure is upon us! Designed as a hillbilly version of Flamingo working on a farm, this cleanly sculpted, beautiful figure walks out of the barnyard and stands at 4.9 inches tall. His overalls look suspiciously close to the ones Cleetus was last seen wearing… but that's a mystery for the detectives to figure out. Flamingo holds a pitch fork with one wing and wears a cowboy hat to shield his eyes from the sunshine. The window box was designed in collaboration with Flamingo and uses refreshing blue and green colors to paint a scene one of an isolated farm in the middle of nowhere. On the back of the packaging we find a tombstone for Cleetus. The collectible ships in an embossed, matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Flamingo

Albert Aretz, better known as Flamingo and formerly known as AlbertsStuff is known for his Yo Tengo, Earthworm Sally, Su Tart, Felipe and Still Chill memes. Sometimes known as Flam Go, he has been steadily growing on Youtube to be a beloved creator with a vibrant personality.

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