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Scuffed Rainbow

The Collectible

For this drop, Youtooz teamed up with the Misfits to create their inaugural collection. First in the collection is Fitz. His figure is sculpted wearing his hoodie, jeans and trademark mischievous expression. Each color that makes up his hair, melting face and hands is spray-painted during assembly. This special coloring process is meticulously carried out by hand with every individual Fitz figure produced. Because of this requirement, each Fitz figure comes with a slightly unique rainbow colorway, making every collectible truly one of a kind.

On his feet Fitz wears custom designed sneakers, with the word "scuffed" stamped on the outer soles. Built out of Youtooz’s legendary high-quality vinyl material, the figure stands 4.35” tall. He comes packaged in a double-walled window box, made of smooth, matted material with an embossed outer sleeve. Not as scuffed as the real Fitz, this model still gets you as close as it can to chilling with Fitz in three dimensions. Fun for playing or decorative purposes, this exclusive collectible was designed by Fitz in collaboration with Youtooz. It will never be re-released.

About Fitz

Trust us when we say Fitz is the opposite of advertiser friendly. Known for his comedy and offensive content, Fitz makes hilarious CS:GO and gaming videos with his scuffed group of friends. Once a week he co-hosts the Misfits podcast where you can find him encouraging listeners to turn up, while sharing wild adventures from his life. Born and raised in New Zealand, Fitz’s humor is a breath of fresh air in the Youtube community.

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