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Real Speed

The Collectible

A shark…a shift dancing shark. Introducing his first Youtooz figure, Foolish Gamers stands in his famous shark costume, molded with a long blue tail and striking fin, wearing light grey sneakers. He holds a gold trophy in his outstretched left hand, his eyes crafted with emerald green gems. The interior and exterior of his window box places him within his most prized creation, his summer house, the elaborate and eternal Temple of Undying. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve inside a shipping carton sealed with Youtooz tape.

About Foolish Gamers

Foolish Gamers is an American Minecraft streamer and member of the Dream SMP. He began uploading Fortnite content on Youtube in 2018. He later began to stream on Twitch and became popular for his speed running skills. Outside of streaming, he studies computer science and engineering and hangs out with his two dogs, Bentley and Athena.

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