Frucket Blarg
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The Collectible

There is no hole in this Frucket, ribbit. Blarg is back, this figure sits 4.5 inches tall. Blarg is seated inside a grey bucket with the handle hanging down behind Blarg. The bucket is filled with water, and the water is overflowing and dripping down around the sides of the bucket. Blarg is wearing a black hoodie, with a happy green frog being held in his right hand. On top of Blargs tousled hair sprawls another frog with an excited expression. The exterior package shows dozens of happy frogs sitting in luscious green grass. In the centre is another bucket filled with frogs, watching flies buzz around in the air. In the foreground, there are more frogs jumping and waving at you. The interior of the box has a green gradient pattern of happy frog faces. This figure was made in collaboration with community designers @spookythekitty_ and @therealracckun!

About Blarg

Blarg is a Canadian comedy Youtuber, Twitch streamer, and podcaster. Prior to starting content creation full-time in 2019, he was a vocalist in a band and in the last few years he has started a variety of successful Youtube series.

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