Fundy Cozy Flop! (1ft)
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Crustery's baby

This plushie was designed as part of the #FundyTooz competition by Crustery. Check out some of Crustery's animations here and art here.

The Plush

Fox in a fox hoodie! Who could’ve imagined such a thing?? We know! Crustery designed this plush for the Fundy outfit competition! Now Fundy can match his arctic fox yogurt for the holiday season! Fundy Cozy Flop! is 1ft wide, filled to the seams with 100% PP cotton and ships in a high quality custom Youtooz mailer bag to protect him from the elements on his journey to you.

About Fundy

Fundy, also known as Floris is a Dutch gaming creator known for his strange alterations to Minecraft and skill in the championship games. His videos have grown to millions of views as he battles his way to the top!

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