Galaxy RT
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The Collectible

There are two sounds you hear before you die: Country Roads, and an Irishman laughing maniacally. I don’t know how the baby got in the blender, officer! This wonderful collectible stands 4.7 inches tall and was designed in collaboration with @Tsunesama. We see RTGame wearing a purple jacket, which flows in the wind. Underneath the jacket is a print of a pink and blue galaxy. He wears a white dress shirt and red bow tie, holding a detailed black tophead in one hand while leaning on a brown cane in the other. He wears grey pants with vertical stripes printed on them, which gently sit on top of black dress shoes. The window box is beautiful. Illustrated by Youtooz artists combining psychedelic hues overlaid on a backdrop of galaxies far away, as well as cosmic elements of smoke, with a kitty in a space suit floating by in the distance.

About RTGame

RTGame is an Irish guy who likes to commit warcrimes a bit too much. He streams on Twitch and uploads highlights to his Youtube channel. Subscribe to his channel or else.

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