Garrett Watts
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The Collectible

Being sweet is tight! Hello friend! Within this box is a tiny version of a man named Garrett Watts. Please be sweet and set him somewhere beautiful and cool, or take him with you on an adventure! Tiny Garrett stands 4.7 inches tall and is sculpted with a baby in one arm, wand in the other and a baby mouse peeking out of his front pocket! On his back he wears a backpack printed with a custom logo. His t-shirt is orange, and glasses are painted a matte grey. The packaging was designed in close collaboration with Garrett and includes a number of inside jokes and references to Garrett's internet presence. This figure ships in a matte, embossed outer protective sleeve.

About Garrett Watts

Garrett Watts is a Hufflepuff and American vlogger with millions of subscribers. He's known for his DIY videos and unique take on internet content. He studied film at the University of Los Angeles. Fans live for his unpredictability and rare uploads.

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