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Oh Dream/Clout

The Collectible

Ohhh Dreammm! GeorgeNotFound, but he's a Youtooz. In this video, we coded it so that George can turn into a 3D model! You can pick him up, feed him to a dog (don't) or even throw him at the wall. The possibilities are endless! Standing 4.7 inches tall, sword in one hand, shield in the other, he grins while wearing clout goggles across his forehead. Across the chest is a red hypebeast take on his GeorgeNotFound logo. In his pose, he stands ready to attac or to also protec. The packaging was designed in collaboration with George and places him in the lush fields of Moo Moo Meadows. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Georgenotfound

GeorgeNotFound is a gaming creator from the United Kingdom. He's best known for creating gaming videos, where he's collaborated with Notch. Quite epic indeed. He's also colorblind.