Giant Phil Swift
$29.99 USD
Flex on em'

The Collectible

Phil Swift has always been larger than life, but now he’s taking it to all new heights…100 feet. Give or take. That’s right, puny humans! A new hero has arisen to seal the world’s fate! Giant Phil, the man, the myth, and the greatest leak patcher on the planet, is taking repair projects to the MAX! A leaky water tower, you say? Phil Swift is on the way! And he’s ready to save the day with a single slap…of Flex Tape MAX! This 2-piece collectible recreates an iconic moment from the Flex Seal MAX commercial, showcasing the maximum coverage and sealing power of the most epic tape in the world. Giant Phil is equipped to stop leaks fast with a roll of super-strong Flex Tape MAX in one hand and a ready-to-use piece in the other. He’s dressed for success in a Flex Seal MAX polo and blue jeans, reminding us that not all heroes wear capes. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve, and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Flex Seal

Many years ago, our fearless leader Phil Swift sawed his first boat in half and repaired it with the power of Flex Seal. Since then, The Flex Seal Family of Products has grown to help millions of people around the world tackle all kinds of DIY projects and repairs. From our unforgettable commercials to the oh-so-hilarious memes, Flex Fans everywhere can’t get enough of Phil and Flex Seal. And we love it.

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