Glamrock CoryxKenshin
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The Collectible

Cory returns for his second Youtooz in stunning glamrock style! Donning a superb glamrock Freddy hat, he stands at 5.1 inches tall swinging out the long black mic stand gripped in his left hand while the right points up high towards the sky. With a huge open smile emerging from his neat black beard and moustache, he’s dressed in the loudest bright colours that match Freddy’s perfectly, with a black bowtie and two toned orange t-shirt sporting a stunning bright blue lightning bolt on the chest. His vibrant shoes finish the look with harmonizing colours from beneath his tight blue jeans. The exterior of his packaging shows a silhouetted Cory, mic in hands, standing down a neon lit hallway lined with glowing star shaped guitars. While the interior is a recreation of the security station, with monitors displaying the Glamrock animatronics. The protective sleeve shows the Glamrocks rocking out on a simple black background with the glowing security breach logo illuminating them. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About CoryxKenshin

Cory, also known as the best samurai, is a Youtuber living in the United States. With a passion for Japanese culture, Cory has a unique personality and editing style in his content. With millions of subscribers, CoryxKenshin is a beloved creator and one of few living Shogun's of the internet.

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