Godzilla Mug
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The Mug

Now you may not run off nuclear energy but we all know the best way to start the day is to get powered up with a good cup of coffee! And what better way to do that than by sipping it straight from Godzilla’s head! Made of sturdy ceramic and sculpted beautifully in Godzilla’s classic likeness, this mug sees his green face pulling into a toothy smile with rounded cheeks as thick eyebrows, diamond scales are pointed and raised up towards the lip with a sturdy handle attached to the side. Not a coffee person? Don't worry! You can fill his head with trinkets, a plant or anything your heart desires! Godzilla would prefer to be hand washed but is perfectly microwave and dishwasher safe, so watch him spin round and round in the microwave as he gets you ready to lay waste to a city!

About Godzilla

Godzilla, the original kaiju and king of the monsters, is a giant fire-breathing prehistoric sea creature who was awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation. Since his debut in the titular 1954 film which fathered the giant monster genre, he has taken on dozens of forms and fought even more spectacular foes in his nearly 70 years in pop culture.

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