RIPnDIP X Godzilla Plush (9in)
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The Plush

Can you hear that crashing in the distance? That terrifying roar?! It could only be one monster for sure! It’s got to be… wait a minute…that’s not Godzilla, it’s Nermal! Youtooz is here to awaken the most powerful (and adorable) crossover seen in a millennia with the almighty RIPnDIP x Godzilla collab! Sitting at 9 inches tall, Nemal beams with utter joy as his white face and huge smile shine from within the toothy mouth of his fearsome Godzilla costume. With a scaly green body and Godzilla’s face atop his head, clawed hands sit by his sides while matching feet are kicked forward and a long tail sticks out from behind as a series of pale spines run down his back. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of the absolute softest minky material, absolutely perfect for cuddling and helping you become king of the monsters!

About RipNDip

Founded in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by Ryan O'Connor, RipNDip is a Los Angeles based clothing brand known for its presence in the skate world, and badass feline mascot — Lord Nermal.

About Godzilla

Godzilla, the original kaiju and king of the monsters, is a giant fire-breathing prehistoric sea creature who was awakened by powerful weapons testing. Since its debut in the titular 1954 film which fathered the giant monster genre, Godzilla has taken on dozens of forms and fought even more spectacular foes in its nearly 70 years in pop culture.

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