Gortys Plush (9in)
$29.99 USD
Vault Locator

The Plush

'I was fabricated, programmed and wired ready! I was also built to dance!'

Gortys has located a new vault and it’s here at Youtooz! At 9 inches tall with round glowing eyes peering through her grey orb of a body, two little hands curl over the red rim at her middle as a yellow panel sits on her front. Covered in red, blue and black mechanical markings all over, she balances on the small wheel at her base which lets her scoot around with ease! This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and made of a mixture of a soft minky material, absolutely perfect for cuddling or leading you to your next loot!

About Borderlands

Borderlands, developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K, is a beloved looter-shooter video game series known for its fast-paced action, unique art style, and outrageous humor. As Vault Hunters, you'll brave the merciless Borderlands in search of Vaults filled with secret alien treasures and untold power. Too bad the mega-corporations, vicious bandits, and annoying, unhelpful robots want it all for themselves. Gear up, Vault Hunters, and get ready to create some Mayhem!

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