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Solid Noteblock

The Collectible

Dolan Dark and Grandayy have had one of the longest standing rivalries on the internet. Last years meme force election ended in a draw, forcing the President of the United States to nominate both Dolan and Grandayy as the highest ranking meme officials on Earth.

Sculpted out of Youtooz’s legendary high quality vinyl and standing at 4 inches tall, Grandayy’s iconic avatar comes to life as the fifth official release from Youtooz. This highly detailed figure comes housed in a double-walled window box, made of smooth, matted material and comes protected inside an embossed outer sleeve. Inside the box, Grandayy can be found sheltered inside a cave. 

About Grandayy

Grandayy is a note block music expert, meme economist, epic gamer, and medical doctor, after graduating from the School of the Wolf. He allegedly has over 90 million subscribers on YouTube, and also he allegedly has legs. His origin and identity are both unconfirmed at the time of writing.

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