H2O Delirious Pillow (1ft)
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blob teddy

The Plush

His name is Delirious and he is serious. With four little legs and a tail, H2O Delirious pillow is sewn out of incredibly soft material and is stuffed to the seams with ultra soft 100% PP-cotton. This chonky plush features H2O Delirious’s signature teddy bear wearing his iconic mask and a blue shirt with iconic Youtooz eyes embroidered on the face. It is 12 inches wide and ships in a custom one-of-a-kind box to protect him from the elements on his journey to you. Note: This is not a chocolate marshmallow, DO NOT EAT!

About H2ODelirious

H2ODelirious, known for his unique laugh, teddy bear and mysterious identity. Who knows what is behind that mask? Watch your back, he might be following behind you!

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