Halloween Eyeball Stickie (6in)
$29.99 USD
Don't Blink

The Plush

The leaves are falling, the air is crispy, and the pumpkins are out which can only mean one thing... Halloween is right around the corner! What a better way to celebrate than with our Halloween collection of stickies! Get into the spooky mood with this eyeball plush. With some light blue veins around the white parts of the eyeball, the iris is a bright pink with the iconic Youtooz eyes showing in the reflection of the pupil. This 6 inch stickie is stuffed with ultra-soft 100% PP cotton and comes with 4 sewn-in magnets so you can stick them together or onto any magnetic surface.

About Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that is observed throughout the world that includes people celebrating by dressing up as different characters and trick-or-treating. Things do also be spoopy.

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