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KSI Diss
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The Collectible

Oh noooooo! Akuma Akuma, Vikkstar will groom ya! Don’t waste the mixture! Harry’s second Youtooz stands 4.8 inches tall and sees him styled in tinted red clout goggles, a red Versace inspired robe, white t-shirt, crisp white sneakers and black shorts. With both hands in the air, this collectible is modeled after the infamous KSI’s diss video. Harry’s double-walled window box uses red hues over a background of energy to go with the multi-colored theme for the second Sidemen x Youtooz release. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About W2S

Harry better known as Wroetoshaw or W2S is the youngest member of the Sidemen. His username is a combination of two of his favorite players. Harry is known for being a fearless, stand up bloke.