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Japanese Bush

The Collectible

Roses are red, the sidewalk is gray. Get stuck in bush, pretend everything's ok. Hedgedoge is the unique art styling of a doge trapped in a bush! This figure is Youtooz's take on the goofy, cute and unpleasant moment where a Shiba Inu somehow got stuck in between a hedge on the side of the road. Sculpted out of high quality material, this designer collectible is a lovely addition to a seasoned collection or as a first on your desk! Measuring 4.3 inches in height, the bottom of the piece uses a hand painting technique to achieve the inconsistent colors of concrete through blotting, with no two pieces exactly alike. The hedge contains hundreds of individual leaf sculpts creating a detailed texture and is painted using luscious green hues. The doge itself bears a carefree expression, pink tongue hanging out and all. Youtooz artists spared no detail throughout the engineering process of this figure. From behind, the doge's tail, paws and bum are lightly engraved. The outside of the window box is illustrated to capture the urban environment surrounding Hedgedoge, where the original moment took place in Japan. This collectible ships with a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

Very bush. Much stuck. So scare. WOW. Please, someone, help me!

About Doge

Doge is the loving, confused Shiba Inu doggo that took the internet, and subsequently the world by storm. With a Comic Sans font typically accompanying its internal dialogue, this icon even has its own coin. Wow.