Henya the Genius
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Super Genius
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The Collectible

"Life is pain dayo."

Henya is such a super genius, so naturally, she has to become a Youtooz! This gorgeous genius is 4.7 inches tall, even though she is seated on a yellow cube. She is dressed in her classic look of a light blue oversized top, covered in multicoloured belts and ribbons. Her knees come together, as her yellow shoes with black soles hover over the ground. A completed rubix cube dangles near her feet. In her lap, she holds a cat who looks to be in complete joy! Henya looks down at her cat friend with loving eyes. Decorating her hair are 4 yellow and black hair clips. The windowed display box has been designed to show the Rubix cube in the background as cats dance and float around it. The interior of the box has been designed with a yellow background, with a pattern of different colorful shapes and stars. The protective sleeve shows the Cube in front of a purple background. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Henya the Genius

Henya is a super genius Vtuber with an IQ of 999 who debuted in April of 2023. She is known for being very energetic and sassy. Henya, partnered with Vshojo, has quickly gained notoriety and a large following within the first year of being a Twitch streamer. She currently has over 272,000 followers on twitch, with that number increasing every day!

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