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Dropping exclusively in the Loot Cave
Hey Chat!

HeyGuys is exclusively dropping on the Loot Cave online store.

The Collectible

HeyGuys! We welcome you with the most welcoming figure we could possibly welcome you with! At 4.6 inches tall, she’s posed with her left hand raised high and waving while the right hangs to her side. A big pink lipped smile crosses her welcoming face that’s framed by flowing waist length black hair. Her outfit is a simple yet stylish dark blue dress and bright purple sneakers, completed with a silver pendant necklace. The exterior of her packaging shows her and a statue bust of the meme waving and basking in a light purple glow. While the interior is a repeating pattern of the emote and the Twitch Glitch logo. The protective sleeve displays numerous ‘HeyGuys’ flowing through a river of purple streaks through a black background. This collectible was created in official collaboration with Twitch and ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About HeyGuys

HeyGuys is a popular Twitch emote used to welcome others to a stream. The image is of then employee Selen Akay who originally submitted the image as Twitch didn’t have a generic ‘Hello’ emote.

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