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VR Bee

The Collectible

Standing 5 inches tall and shipping inside a window box designed by her to look like a honey jar, HeyImBee makes her Youtooz debut! Complete with her signature cap, yellow and black striped shirt, jeans and converse sneakers, Bee's collectible ships with a VR Headset and VR controllers in each hand. Just like her personality, Bee sports a cheerful expression. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve.

Bonus! When you purchase this collectible, you get a free HeyImBee avatar that can be used in VRChat. It is fully rigged for body tracking and comes with custom emotes.

About HeyImBee

Do not expect good gaming here, thank u! A quote by Bee herself, or as she is known IRL with the name Bianca, is a gaming creator with a focus on VRChat. She's cheerful in her videos and despite her name is actually allergic to bees. Her nickname originated in her childhood and was given to her by her family.