Hunter Jacksepticeye
$29.99 USD
Pow right in the kisser

The Collectible:

Shhh, I'm huntin' newbs. This ain't no Robinhood. Jack is back and this swashbuckler is on the hunt. Standing at 5 inches tall, Jacksepticeye is on the hunt. The collectible is shown wearing his hunting clothes. He is standing in brown cuffed boots with matching coloured gloves and belt. His dark blue trench flexes in the wind as he stands ready to stick with his wooden-handled scythe. His face is partially covered by a dark blue cloth mask. Atop his head is a dark green hunter's hat, with a mohawk poking out from underneath in the back. The exterior windowed box showcases a dark medieval townscape lit by a full moon poking through clouds in the sky. The interior of the box takes on the appearance of the inside of a barn in medieval times. Illustrated on the protective sleeve is the entrance to the town shown on the box. A short brick-laid wall spreads across the box. With the silhouettes of the town in the back, highlighted by a full moon poking over the roofs. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Jacksepticeye:

Jacksepticeye is an Irish creator making videos of sketches, gaming and the odd vlog. With over 10 billion views on his channel, he has grown to be one of the biggest creators on Youtube. His username came from the Irish tradition of calling boys named Sean as Jack. After getting an eye injury in a soccer match from a pair of glasses, his friends started calling him Jacksepticeye which has stuck ever since!

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