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The Collectible

ImpulseSV has survived the night and emerges with his Youtooz debut! Standing confidently at 5” tall he just beams with delight, a big smile visible through his thick braided moustache and luscious long brown beard. His hair is pushed forward and up to a point in a fauxhawk while he holds a large chipped purple battle axe slung over his left shoulder. Dressed in a stylish yet practical black and yellow tunic, white arm bracers and brown patched trousers, his pouch of essential items and dagger are kept at the ready and held in place with brown straps. While a vibrant white fur lines his boots and shoulders for added warmth, with a long brown cape flowing from his back. The exterior of his packaging displays a long hall corridor with carved stone statues and hanging red banners. While the interior is a picturesque blue and white snow covered mountain top. The protective sleeve takes us further into the corridor showing a close up of the statues and dimly lit blue lanterns. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About impulseSV

ImpulseSV, or simply impulse, is an American Youtuber and twitch streamer known for his Minecraft mod survival challenges and tutorials. An active member in Hermitcraft server, his content continuously entertains and educates his audience in everything survival Minecraft and beyond.

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