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The Collectible

What it do? One of several scuffed misfits that get lost across the world while making the best memories and content from it, iNotorious arrives in Youtooz form. Sculpted out of our legendary high-quality vinyl, this collectible stands 4.2 inches tall and is seen wearing designer sneakers, holding a camera while chewing on a candy cane in his mouth. Matt completes the 2019 holiday release of the Misfits with his signature, world traveller designer look. His double-walled window box is inspired by a cross of his international travels from the Untied States to Australia. The figure comes in a matte, embossed protective sleeve and is the perfect addition for anyone looking to add onto their collection.

About iNotorious

Matt also known as iNotorious is a gaming content creator on Youtube and member of the Misfits. He got his start making CS:GO parody videos analyzing various in game items and recording funny moments with friends. He's known for his "what it do?" catchphrase and dry humor with the crew. Originally from the USA, he's a globetrotter being spotted by fans in Japan, Australia and Poland among other countries

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