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Demon Queen

The Collectible

The Demon Queen herself is finally here to make her Youtooz debut!

Standing at 5 inches tall, Iron Mouse is dressed in a white tube top with gold outlining and a pink heart on the bottom right. On the back of the top is the "VSHOJO" logo. Around her neck is a golden collar with a pink bow attached to the front of it. On both hands she is wearing white fingerless gloves that go up to her upper arms with a checkered pattern on the sides of each. On the bottom she is wearing a white mini skirt that matches her tube top as well as white thigh-high leggings that matches her gloves. To bring the whole outfit together she has golden high heels with a cute little wing on each side of her ankles. She is posed to be standing on her right leg, with her left leg is bent in front of her. Her pink and purple hair is in her iconic pigtail style with her heart shaped cowlick sticking up from the center of her head. In her left hand she is holding a large "IRON MOUSE" flag, and in her right hand she is holding a golden and white wand with a heart in the middle. The windowed display box has been illustrated with a sparkling golden, purple, and pink background with Iron Mouse's hand reaching towards the top while holding onto her wand. The interior of the box is a pink and purple background with hearts floating in the back and a pattern of Bubi. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Iron Mouse

A demon queen who goes by several names… but has also been rumored to be Satan herself. Iron Mouse is a friendly, fun loving demon who ran from her duties and escaped the confines of the underworld in order to make new friends, learn new things and live life to the fullest!

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