IsaacWhy Stickie (6in)
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The Plush

IsaacWhy returns to Youtooz in stickie form! Sitting at 6 inches tall, this ultra cute penguin is incredibly chonky and perfectly round. His yellow feet and beak stick at his base, while two stubs of arms are carefully sewn onto his body. He wears a red and white hat with a propeller, while his sunglasses and eyes are embroidered onto his face. This 6 inch stickie is stuffed with ultra-soft 100% PP cotton and comes with 4 sewn-in magnets so you can stick them together or onto any magnetic surface.

About IsaacWhy

IsaacWhy is a content creator on Youtube known for his gaming and meme videos. He’s known for his green penguin avatar with a propeller hat, sunglasses, and comedy.

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