Jack Manifold Duck Plush (9in)
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Duck in 3D

With the release of Jack Manifold Duck Plush, $10 of each sale will be donated to SFA. To learn more about the Sarcoma Foundation of America, please visit

The Plush

Jack Manifold is back, this time appearing as a cuddly, huggable duck plushie! Jack Manifold perches at 9 inches tall, stuffed full of ultra-soft 100% PP cotton. He has bright yellow feet, a light brown and dark brown body and wings, with a brilliant emerald green head topped with a soft crest of feathers. Inside his bright yellow beak he holds a fish. Over his eyes sit white framed glasses, with red and blue lenses. This plush ships in a high quality custom Youtooz mailer bag to protect them from the elements on their journey to you.

About Jack Manifold

Jack Manifold is also known as JackManifoldTV is a gaming content creator and live streaming from England. He has grown to millions of fans worldwide, and is known for his sense of humor and positive attitude.

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