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Lowest, Deepest Dab

The Collectible

Parodies! Music Videos! Sketches! Jackask! Your Grammar Sucks! News in Haikus! YIAY! Jacksfilms debuts on Youtooz showing off his lowest, deepest dab. Take that, haters. The collectible dabs at a height of 4.4 inches, complete with sandles, shorts and wearing a loosely fitting t-shirt with an infinite repeating "Twitter for Android" print. This figure took months of development with Jack and our team grinding late nights testing and implementing the latest advances in motion tracking technology for Youtooz engineers to balance the collectible all while accurately representing Jack's lowest, deepest possible dab. The double-walled window box pays homage to Jack's legendary Twitter for Android meme.

About Jacksfilms

John Patrick Douglass, also known as jacksfilms, is a musician, comedian and OG Youtube creator with a channel creation date of June 26, 2006. With hundreds of millions of views, Jack is known for his movie reviews, skits and YIAY series.