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Play Button God

The Collectible

The infamous and handsome Jack Massey Welsh is also known as JackSucksAtLife, JackSucksAtStuff, JackSucksAtGeography, SamSmellsofApricots and Turd Boi420. He is a full time Youtube play button collector, Minecraft hacker catcher, Professional kazooist, Tesla owner and bathwater salesman. 5 inches tall, Jack sits on a throne of Youtube plaques. Modeled using the same dimensions as real Youtube play buttons, Jack reigns over the rest of the community with this powerful assortment. Covering his feet are old, worn out rainbow colored socks with his toes poking out. He wears a multi colored hoodie, with individually colored sleeves and a gold chain with a play button hanging off it across his chest for the ultimate flex. His window box is all gold, reflecting his largest collection of gold play buttons. He ships in a matte, embossed, outer protective sleeve.

About JackSucksAtLife

Jack Massey Welsh, also known as JackSucksAtLife is a content creator from the United Kingdom. Known for his extensive collection of Youtube play buttons, he loves creating content about Youtube awards and his subscribers!

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