JackSucksAtLife Plush Bag (1ft)
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Footlong Plaque Bag

The Collectible

The world record plaque holder himself! The JackSucksAtLife plush bag has arrived and was inspected with great care by Rick! Inspired by Jack's many plaques, this plush bag features 6 unique mini plushies including Turd Boi, JackSucksAtStuff, and a diamond play button. The resealable bag, designed in collaboration with Jack, features floating plaques and includes a transparent window for easy plaque viewing. This collectible ships in water proof packaging for maximum protection from the elements.

About JackSucksAtLife

Jack Massey Welsh, also known as JackSucksAtLife is a content creator from the United Kingdom. Known for his extensive collection of Youtube play buttons, he loves creating content about Youtube awards and his subscribers!

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