Jacqueszewhipper Plush (9in)
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Pencil 'Stache

The Plush

*Whip crack*

Jacques Ze Whipper has ignited his whip and has slayed his way into being a Youtooz plush! This handsome gent stands at 9 inches tall wearing a classic renaissance inspired outfit. He wears stylish black shoes which are adorned with gold buckles and while red stockings that cover his ankles, while his purple pants are complete with yellow piping along the sides and are are held up by a red belt.

Wearing an ornate vest with baroque detailing and a red and white pinwheel corsage overtop of a white button-up collared shirt, around his wrists are brown arm guards. Holding a long red whip in each hand, his classic pencil-thin mustache sits perfectly in the middle of his face is above an adorable smile! This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a mixture of normal and sublimated minky materials, perfect for cuddling as you dance with a whip.

About Jacques Ze Whipper

Jack Lepiarz, or Jacques Ze Whipper, is an American journalist, stage and street performer, and YouTuber. Jack rose to notoriety by performing at King Richard's Faire, a Renaissance fair in New England as his persona Jacques Ze Whipper and is known for his incredibly charismatic stage presence as he masterfully uses a whip, often to the tune of your favourite songs!

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