James A. Janisse
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The Collectible

Youtooz kicks off its horror collection with the release of #0, Dead Meat James A. Janisse. How can a man who watches horror movies for a living be so damn cheery? Well, probably because he watches horror movies for a living. Dead meat? More like dead beat. Get a real job, slacker! This collectible is the perfect combination of cute and scary. Standing 4.8 inches tall, James comes with a knife in one hand, creepy claw in the other and a third knife sticking through his skull! On his face is a cheery expression and a sculpted beard, as well as a print of red blood oozing out of his head wound. On his body he wears a black t-shirt stamped with the official Dead Meat logo. A creepy monster protrudes off his shoulder while a ripped, old, blood stained apron hands tied behind his waist. He wears a pair of regular blue jeans and brown shoes. The window box is terrifying. Inspired by the horror genre, the scene this collectible is packaged in is not for the faint of heart. The figure ships in a matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Dead Meat

Dead Meat is one of the most popular horror oriented channels on Youtube. As well as making videos, James and Chelsea host the Dead Meat Podcast, home to many as their horror safe haven. They go through reviews, film history and all things that make your skin crawl.

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