Dimension 20
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All of Dropout's proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to The Transgender Law Center. Please click here to learn more about the organization!

The Collectible

Jawbone makes his way to Youtooz as the first collaboration with Dimension 20 from their season 1 campaign: Fantasy High! Standing at 5.1 inches tall, Jawbone wears a very comforting and calming smile on his face with two fangs showing. He is dressed in a purple shirt with blue shorts that are cut just above his knees. His is sporting red and white sneakers and is keeping cozy with an oversized green/teal cardigan. On the left side is a small rainbow heart pin! His right hand is placed in his cardigan pocket while his left hand is holding onto a light green mug with a tea bag inside. The exterior of his packaging shows a beautiful clear night sky with countless amounts of stars lighting up the night sky. The interior is the inside of an apartment that looks to be a little messy and not very much decorated. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Dimension 20: Fantasy High

Fantasy High is Dimension 20's debut DnD campaign. The story shows the lives of 6 Intrepid Heroes consisting of Siobhan Thompson, Lou Wilson, Emily Axford, Zac Oyama, Ally Beardsley, and Brian Murphy, following along as the crew tackle monsters and midterms, bullies and bugbears, dungeons and detention!

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