JC Caylen
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The Collectible

This is my good side. In 2010, JC Caylen started his career on Youtube and his lifelong goal was for him to be made into a collectible figure.... And today that day is here. Standing 4.9 inches tall, JC Caylen wears a white t-shirt with an xx printed in the center. He wears dark ripped jeans, with holes on both knees. The sneakers are black, with white laces. He wears two silver earrings, one of which is star shaped on his ear. Both forearms are tattooed heavily with a number of unique prints. He wears a multi colored bandana which keeps his hair out of his face. The double-walled window box features JC watching a desert sunset next to an extraterrestrial being. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About KianAndJC

Kian Lawley and Justin “JC” Caylen created a collaborative channel in 2014 which has grown to millions of fans since inception. They are known for their vlogs and challenge videos.

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