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Axe away

The Collectible

Let me AXE you a question! JeromeASF chops his way into a Youtooz debut dressed absolutely to the nines in the smartest grey two piece suit. Posed standing casually at a furry 4.5 inches tall and wielding his trusty glistening diamond axe in his left hand, his mouth opens wide in a huge high cheeked smile to reveal two big fangs and pink tongue while his mane of shaggy brown fur is slicked messily back over his head coming to chunky points. A bright red tie and white collared shirt can be seen through his open blazer lapels, while stylish black boots complete the outfit. The exterior of his packaging shows him thinking of a beautiful peaceful cliff, bordered by a rounded thought bubble. While the interior is a repeating pattern of diamond axes over a soft plum background. The protective sleeve continues his tranquil daydreaming of a tranquil green cliff under a cloudy blue sky. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About JeromeASF

JeromeASF, or Jerome Aceti, is an American Youtuber well known for his Minecraft where he experiences the craziest mods the game has to offer. His ever flowing gaming content spans across multiple channels and has amassed close to 3 billion views.

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