Jim Pickens
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The Collectible

Dear leader, our lord and saviour Jim Pickens has been crafted into a collectible. Holding a pin and a voodoo doll of Kevin in his hand. This collectible is notorious, Youtooz warns that you are extremely careful of where you place it in your home. Make sure to watch your back when the two of you are in the same room, Jim Pickens is known for creeping up on future victims. The packaging is styled after a graveyard for this cult leader, restaurant owner, movie star, salesman, law enforcer and king. The collectible comes in a protective matte, embossed outer sleeve.

About CallMeKevin

Kevin O'Reilly, also known as CallMeKevin is an Irish creator known for his comedy and gaming content. In his youth Kevin was frequently absent from school, using this time to work on his craft and launch his channel.

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