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The Collectible

Jollytron - the holiday release of JonTron and sidekick Jacques comes to Youtooz. Cozy up next to your fireplace with these two to celebrate the season of giving. Jacques is sculpted holding a tiny present, with JonTron wearing a cute Santa hat and Christmas sweater. Sculpted tangled up in a set of Christmas lights, this jolly fella is the perfect gift for someone special on your life. The packaging is inspired by JonTron's VR Christmas set, with the double walled window box styled after a festive living room. The collectible comes in an exterior matte sleeve, complete with embossing.

Bonus: Jollytron comes with a holiday avatar to be used inside VR chat!

About JonTron

JonTron, also known as Jonathan Jafari is a comedian, personality and OG on the internet. JonTron has been creating content since the days of Newgrounds. After getting his start on Youtube with the Game Grumps, JonTron has gone on to build one of the most iconic channels on the platform. His wit and clever sense of humor have kept viewers coming back for over a decade. I'll take your entire stock!